This site is about Penis Enlargement and Penis Enlargement Surgery. Dr. Whitehead specializes in penis enlargement through penis lengthening surgery, penis widening surgery and glanular enhancement surgery.

Preoperative Instructions

For at least one week prior to surgery you need to shower using HIBICLENS soap daily. This can be obtained at any pharmacy. Please gently scrub abdomen, penis, scrotum, thighs and buttocks. If skin sensitivity is noted, stop using HIBICLENS and use Ivory soap. Please wash for at least 10 minutes and make sure you thoroughly rinse the entire area after washing. This is to help avoid infection during the operative procedure. Your last shower should be on the morning of the surgery with BETADINE with special attention to the genital and perianal area.

Take Vitamin C, 500 mg, 3 times a day, for 1 week before surgery, and plan to continue for about 1 month after surgery.

Avoid aspirin or aspirin products for 14 days, including Anacin, Ascriptin, etc. Some forms of Excedrin and many forms of Alka Seltzer contain aspirin. Similarly, avoid Persantine, and other "blood thinners", but get permission first from the doctor who prescribed it and have him personally speak with me. All these agents promote bruising or bleeding (see Drugs to Avoid Pre and Post Operatively .)

On the morning of surgery, do take all the medications you normally do with the exception of diabetic medication. Please have your doctor who is treating your diabetes personally speak with me. You may take your morning medications with a small sip of water. Please bring your medications with you.

Do not eat or drink anything after midnight except a sip of water for medications. Please do not eat any spicy foods the day before surgery, or imbibe more than one social drink of spirits or beer.

Smoking should be stopped for 1 month before surgery and not resumed until at least 2 months after surgery.

If you use glasses, contact lenses, dentures, or a hearing aid, please be sure to bring them with you.

Please remember to bring loose-fitting sweat pants and boxer shorts.

If your procedure calls for general, epidural, or spinal anesthesia, or if you require IV sedation, you cannot drive for 24 hours, and you must plan on other means of transportation. We can arrange this for you.

You must bring a friend or relative (escort) with you to accompany you home after surgery, or to your hotel. Your escort should not be a car service driver. If you do not have anyone we can make arrangements for you. Please let us know this when you schedule your surgery date. Please bring your escort's phone number with you so that after your surgery we may call and inform them of the time they should pick you up after surgery. If your travel time by car to your home would exceed 45 minutes, you and your escort must stay at a hotel or motel within a 45 minute car ride from the surgical facility. All arrangements should be finalized prior to your discharge from the surgical facility.

You should not be alone the night of surgery. If necessary, we will give you telephone numbers of two nursing services. You should contact one so you are not alone. All arrangements should be finalized prior to your discharge.

The following is required: CBC, PT, PTT, SMAC, URINE ANALYSIS (all patients). These tests must be performed within 30 days but no less than 10 days of the date of surgery. CHEST X-RAY AND EKG (patients over 40 and all patients from out of town). MEDICAL CLEARANCE LETTER FROM YOUR DOCTOR (all patients over 40 in good health, all patients with a history of any serious medical illness such as heart disease, elevated blood pressure, lung problems or diabetes and all patients from out of town).

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